Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Glamclam Quilt!!!

I had to include those exclamation points in the title of this post. I'm so thrilled with this quilt! I love the modern vibe of this traditional design. I love all the awesome, colorful Cotton + Steel fabrics. I love the backing, which is a Cotton + Steel lawn. I love the quilting and the texture it created on the quilt. And I love the feel - so soft and cuddly.

Yes, I think I like this one...

The Glamclam is an amazing free pattern by Latifah Saafir and available on Craftsy. I used the 8" size.

You may remember I did my super easy, mindless organic quilting in vertical rows...

For the backing I chose a Cotton + Steel lawn that had this great border on one edge. It created a cool stripe on the back and I'll definitely be using lawn or voile again for a backing. A little more expensive, but the drape and feel of the quilt is amazing!

I was a little reluctant to try this one because of all the curves, but it really was very easy. The big curves are gentle and the pattern templates are so perfect, even providing notches for matching up the curve. If you've been on the fence with this one, I say give it a go!

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Swap Buddy gifts...

I think I mentioned that I've joined a Bonnie and Camille swap on Instagram. We're making 2 blocks a month for 2 different members and we've each been assigned to make a special gift for a secret Swap Buddy.

Here are my May blocks - very simple, but one of my favorite blocks - Maple Star.

May was my month to spoil my buddy, so I made her a mini of my Bursting Star quilt. It uses 1 1/2" strips. It took a couple of practice pieces to get the fabric placement I wanted. You may notice it's a bit scrappier than the original.

Along with some goodies of the chocolate kind and some of my favorite pen and paper supplies, I made my favorite pin cushion. I think these are so cute and you can store different types of needles in each "bubble". The dish is a painter's palette, found on amazon or art/craft supply stores.

I think she liked everything and it was such fun to make some secret gifts and a new friend!

Monday, May 11, 2015

Quilting Podcast

Just a reminder that I'll be chatting with Pat Sloan today! You can listen live at 4pm Eastern at All People Quilt or find it later in the iTunes store!

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Quilting is my Therapy too...

I'm sure most of you have found the blog of Angela Walters, Quilting is My Therapy. I thought of it this week as I started the quilting on my Glamclam quilt. You all had great ideas about a quilting design and by far echo quilting got the most votes both here and on Instagram.

I basted the quilt and really thought echoing would be a great idea. I sat down to quilt and to be honest, after weeks of packing, purging, and cleaning our house, I felt pretty exhausted and really needed some quilting therapy. At the spur of the moment, I decided to do one of my most relaxing, mindless and easiest designs - organic straight lines.

My backing is this luxurious feeling Cotton+Steel lawn. Combined with some thin Dream Cotton batting this quilt is developing the most glorious comfy feel. 

I love how it's turning out and it's providing me with some nice relaxing therapy. Win! Win! Full reveal soon!

Most of you know that my kids grew up with a quilting mama. Ever wonder what kind of influence that turns into? Seems I've been a bit of an inspiration to my daughter, who has turned her need for a creative outlet into some awesome photography skills. She's sharing info, and interviewing some inspiring creatives on her new site and blog. My interview about living a creative life is up today and you can find it at  (you'll also see some pretty cute kids!)

The full site:

And if that's not enough, I'll be chatting on Monday with Pat Sloan on her weekly podcast!
Find the show at All People Quilt here Monday at 4PM Eastern. I'll be back Monday with more!

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

WIP Wednesday

First, thank you for all your nice comments and encouragement from my last post about our upcoming move! I haven't had time yet to respond to all of your comments, but I've read them all and shared them with my husband. Y'all are so sweet!!

I've been doing way more cleaning than is typical around here, but that's almost done and I've squeezed in a little sewing time here and there. I've got a couple of WIPs that have been sitting around and thought maybe I should get going on those.

I finished up the blocks I had started on retreat last month and sewed them together into a top this week. The pattern is "Sparklettes" from Fat Quarter Style. I thought I'd change the setting a bit and simply added background strips to square up each block, then alternated their direction.

Next up is my Glam Clam quilt. I bought some Cotton + Steel lawn for the backing and am ready to get this pin basted. I'm at a loss on how to quilt it. Any suggestions??

So that's what's going on here! Linking up with Lee at Freshly Pieced!

Wednesday, April 22, 2015


Maybe you've noticed that my sewing/quilting/blogging have slowed down a bit in the past few weeks. Yup! They have! I've been a tiny bit preoccupied because my husband and I have decided to make a major change in our lives. He is retiring from work {I'll never retire from quilting!} and we are moving south. We've lived in the St Louis, Missouri area for the past 30 years. A big stretch for a couple of New Yorkers - but it's been a wonderful place to live and raise our children.

Now that those children are grown and have left town, and without a job to hold us here, we've decided to embrace a new adventure. A warmer climate and a new culture of "things to do". This Summer we'll be moving to Greenville, South Carolina. Why Greenville? We did lots of research online looking for a nice place to relocate and kept coming back to Greenville. It's a small city with a beautiful reimagined downtown, and when we visited a couple of months ago, we fell in love. There's a great article about the "hippest little city in South Carolina" here.

We've got a house going up and are super excited! And you know what I'm most thankful for? That I'm a quilter and I'll meet other quilters and quilters are super nice.

So yesterday instead of sewing, I did some "dequiltifying" in my sewing room to make it a bit more appealing to potential buyers. I love my room and thought I should take a few pictures before removing the design wall, mini quits and lots of special, personal items.

My pile of minis going into storage...

My "to-do" list will come back out in the new space...

The exciting thing is that the new house will have a nice big sewing room. So the future is looking super bright!

In the mean time, I'm trying to work on some smaller projects. Just for fun, I joined my first online swap/bee. It's called #iheartbandc {for Bonnie and Camille} and I found it on Instagram. We're making one swap package for one member of the group. I've started that and it will be ready to go next month...

We're also making a 12" block for two members of the bee each month and will have 16 blocks when we're finished.

I'm sure I'll see you here intermittently over the next few months and Greenville Modern Quilt Guild - can't wait to meet you!

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Back to a bit of sewing...

I've been a bit absent from here, which means I've been a bit absent from the sewing room. A couple of fun trips and lots going on here!

But I did manage to finish up a binding between trips and have been able to squeeze in a little bit of sewing this week!

Quilting is done on this one and am I happy about that! The zig zag quilting was the perfect choice, but it is a slow and tedious way to quilt. Jeez...

My straight lines are far from perfect and I did learn a little lesson on this one. The slower you go, the straighter the lines. 

I made 3 big blocks to stretch out a piece that I wanted to use for the backing. I think they turned out pretty cool!

And this gray fabric with the arrows turned out to be a great binding choice!

While I was taking photos, I had to stop and smell the roses  Korean Spice Viburnum. This lovely shrub has the most beautiful scent that fills the whole yard. How I wish it would last all Summer!

Ahhh... Spring - there's nothing like it!